There seems to be only one book in sight:

Exiting Technocracy, by Derrick Broze.

I’m sorry to say that, for the moment, there’s only one book I can recommend to you. But I can assure you that it won’t disappoint: in it you will find a quite intriguing true story. If you decide to read it, you will find that it makes reference to other books from this library - books that you may want to read later on, but I can’t recommend those to you right now.

Until then,

— the librarian.

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A note on editions

Most editorial houses count their releases as editions. There’s a first edition of a book, and then they may publish a second edition with modifications. Then a third, and a fourth, etc.

I make improvements and corrections to this library’s books almost every day, so these books should be treated as “rolling releases”, to borrow a term from software development.